Postpartum body relationship

Postpartum body relationship

Self-love, self-acceptance of your mind and body. Is a relationship.

Relationships have ups and downs, they take work, love and comprise.
A healthy relationship with your body is going to take all these things.

The pregnant form is so glorified but the postpartum is not – quickly the focus shifts, it is forgotten, expected to get on with things… ‘to bounce back’

But it deserves the utmost respect, it’s just as beautiful in its own way.

Truthfully I’d be lying to say it’s been a super easy journey for me so far, I’ve never been one to sugar coat things. Although it’s been a time of incredible highs, there has been healing both physically and emotionally, adjustment, learning and juggling.

My body is soft, stretched and well a little messy laying here – my belly gently spreads out on the bed around my little babe, which miraculously she was safely housed in only weeks before.

Looking in the mirror and not quite recognising the woman staring back at first is daunting, yet you are also amazed at what she has accomplished.

At first, you may find yourself a little lost, detached from your body, not quite understanding it or feeling like yourself.

You are going to have to be kind to her, understanding, give her time, remind her of her beauty and her inner power.

Remember your body is beautiful, it is your vessel that carries all that you are as a person and may have even carried life itself.

So your relationship with yourself is important, some days will be harder than others but is worth the work.

Because you are WORTH IT.
Because you are more than your body and you are moving FORWARD in life NOT bouncing back!

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