Rose Reviews-The REDSBABY JIVE 3 PLATINUM PRAM, as Single and Double Pram.

Rose Reviews-The REDSBABY JIVE 3 PLATINUM PRAM, as Single and Double Pram.

After the news of our surprise fourth pregnancy, we were going to need a pram upgrade – one that could accommodate a newborn and an 18-month-old toddler.

Choosing a pram is not only important but also a pretty personal decision – I didn’t know where to start at first, but it all comes down to your needs for both you and your family. If you think about exactly how you want to use it and what you will need it most for helps with making the decision.

For me what was important was:

  1. First and foremost is had to convert from single to double for both my newborn and toddler.
  2. It needed to be lightweight and easy to fold.
  3. To look good – hey I had to be honest here, I really wanted a sexy, stylish looking pram and why not?!
  4. As a double I wanted something easy to maneuver and not too wide after all I have 4 girls in total and more often than not they hang by each side of the pram.

After testing out quite a few double prams in stores, we tried out the Redsbaby from a friend who had one – we went with The Redsbaby Jive 3 Platinum in the Glacier Grey which is available as a single with the option to buy the second seat conversion kit to convert your pram into a double.

What’s included?

The single pram comes with the bassinet, regular seat which is suitable for up to 20kgs, pram organiser, reversible seat liner, rain cover and the UPF50+ Sun & Sleep Shades.

The Second seat – Comes as an additional accessory kit that you buy if and when you need it. It comes with a second seat that accommodates up to 17kgs and the R+L upper adaptors and R+L lower adaptors.

Is it compatible with a Car Capsule? Yes.

I wanted to use a car capsule this time around to make things easier to pop Esme into the pram especially as active little Octavia was 18mths, so I like that the JIVE3 was compatible with Britax, Maxi-Cosi, Joie and Nuna capsules you just need the Redsbaby Capsule Adaptors, which I was able to hire from Amanda at Hire for Baby Joondalup (there are branches all over the country) with the capsule – I went with a Maxi-Cosi Capsule.

What it’s like to use and maneover…

It’s beautifully light-weight for a double pram and maneuverability is really good, I do long walks almost daily – its a super smooth ride (in the single-mode it’s a dream ride). It is easy to push and get around, even doing well on grass. The Jive 3 is pretty slim and compact in comparison to other doubles we road-tested and the weight seems well distributed with the two kids on board. Being a slimmer double means it has been so much easier to fit and move around especially in aisles at the shops, in busy areas or in a coffee shop.

  • The handle is adjustable, I’m 175cm / 5’9 so I found it adequate.
  • Harness easy to adjust and foot rest adjustable and decent length.
  • Its got a one-handed recline to get from upright to flat which is great.
  • The top seat can be parent facing too which I like. Its got a lot of different configurations for the seat but I feel that you will find a couple that you like and stick to them – so it’s handy but not something I’d fuss over.
  • Heaps of ventilation – can open up panels in canopy which is especially great for hot Aussie summers.
  • Puncture-proof wheels – like who would have time for a flat with two kids on board?!
Redsbaby Jive3 Platinum in double mode with Bassinet.

Folding the pram in single and double.

The Redsbaby Jive 3 does fold up in single mode with the seat in place, which I love and it’s super easy. It clicks into place and is lightweight to pick up- pram as a single is only 8.5kgs.

When it’s in the double mode you do have to remove the top seat and adaptors before it can be folded down, so it does take a little longer. Once folded it’s pretty compact – which is what we needed to fit into our car and it still leaves us some boot space which other double prams wouldn’t allow.

I linked two folding videos below for the Jive 3 Platinum that I used from Redsbaby to check out for yourselves!

DOUBLE mode or SINGLE pram mode.


I cannot fault its overall quality, its so well made – our pram gets a right beating from the car to big long walks, baby spews, poos and food and so far so good, we have currently had it a year now, with regular use. It really is beautifully made and can be seen in all the details.

Thoughts and feelings overall…

So last but not least its a damn good looking pram, I get comments on it all the time. I know that’s not the MOST important thing but I really wanted a sexy pram this last time around! Superficial yes but the truth haha! BUT this pram is also practical, glides easily and the fact it looks good too – bonus.

I can’t fault much but when the pram is just in single mode the basket is large but when the second seat is in – it does take up most of the basket space at the bottom, so there isn’t heaps of room to carry heaps of extra stuff. It does come with the caddy, drink cup holder and a pocket on the back of the top seat so that help but its not loads of space. It doesn’t really bother me that much as I don’t tend to carry loads of stuff with me – it’s like the more kids I had the less I knew I really needed – but everyone is different.

The top seat fully reclines flat if need be but the bottom seat doesn’t, its on a slight recline but to be honest Octavia has still often napped comfortably in her seat on the bottom but I wanted to point that out.

So all in all, I love my Redsbaby pram. I love it as a single and it would make a great first pram – looks great, comes with so much included for the price and the fact that it can convert to a double, when you are ready to grow as your family does it a huge bonus!

Truth be told I was more fussy about a pram when I had my first child than with my fourth… I think I just became more relaxed in general knowing that you really don’t need unnecessary bells and whistles and that you rarely use everything like I once ‘thought’ I would.

If there is anything else I could include or questions I could answer let me know here or hit me up in my DMS on Instagram over at @roseoates_

Rose xo

Baby Esme 6 weeks. Images by Fox and Wildling Photography
Thanks to Fox and Wildling Photography for the beautiful Images

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