Letting go of Body perfection.

Letting go of Body perfection.

F*c k perfection.
I had to let go of the idea of perfection.
Let go of the idea of a perfect body because there isn’t one – there are just ALL bodies, all normal, all unique masterpieces.

All at different stages of LIFE.
And I want to see more of them. I wish I had seen more of them growing up.
I want to see different bodies represented and seen.

Somedays I celebrate all I see, some days I struggle, feeling shame in my reflection, but I say let our struggles transform us – for the better. Especially if you are reading this now, know that it’s totally normal to have good and bad moments.

Me; postpartum, just hours after the birth of my fourth daughter Esme.

Moments of learning and unlearning too.

Here’s the thing.
The journey to self-love is not linear but worth it, the work on yourself never ends…
Because we are constantly growing AND lives forever changing, it’s something we will always need to do.
Don’t be afraid to own your mistakes and be vulnerable. There is strength in vulnerability.
So here I am, stretch marks, loose skin, hemorrhoids, the odd chin hair, cellulite, and all!
Vulnerable and imperfect in all its glory.

My body has been through so much, so much pain, so much joy.
It has created life and survived so many things.
I’m learning to look at her, take her in, accept her, learn to feel sexy and know I can still want to improve but out of love for her not out of hate.
I suppose in its simplest form I’m here to remind you aren’t alone.
To remind you that some days feel harder than others.

That it’s ok to be both proud of your body and still have days of struggle.
That on those days you are still important, worthy and beautiful as you are right now.
Even if you don’t feel it, even when you don’t recognize the person staring at you in the mirror, even on the day you can’t see it.
Self-love isn’t some destination it’s something we practice.

Rose Oates

So, start now, start small towards that person you want to be, that person you really are.
Make the change. Unveil her.
Because if nothing ever changes – nothing changes.

I realized healing starts with us first – cause only then we can show our kids and those around us and the generations to follow, that we are more than our bodies, that all bodies are normal and change the narrative.

The future isn’t a place we are going. It’s a place we all get to create.

If this is something you struggle with I know too well how hard it can be where to even start but honestly it can start with the easiest of things like the way you talk to yourself every day. Treat yourself with the kindness you give to others.

We spend so much time on social media these days it’s just a part of life so, do a social media cleanout – unfollow any accounts that trigger you, that make you feel less than or that have you comparing yourself to. It doesn’t matter who they are or why, it’s just about consuming things that are good for your mind and mental health!

Follow some empowering body positive/ acceptance accounts if you need a daily reminder some I love are

Love Rose

Self-love isn’t a destination. You are worthy, always.


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