The Fourth Trimester; things I discovered that nobody decided to tell me. The good, bad and funny.

The Fourth Trimester; things I discovered that nobody decided to tell me. The good, bad and funny.

Cranky Esmé and I in the first few weeks. Image @foxandwildling_photography

Tears, milk, poops and smiles have been had by both my baby Esmé and myself.

Although I’ll forever be amazed by what our bodies go through to create a life and the power of a person through the journey of motherhood, there are still some bat shit crazy times in the months following your baby birth. Some things that we have all read about and totally expect and then other things that you don’t hear about all so much!!

This is my fourth season postpartum and I’m still getting surprised, these are some of the things I’ve experienced following my babies, that nobody really told me would happen…

  • Nappies – your baby isn’t the only one that will be wearing them. No shame in it either, having worn pads before trust me these adult nappies are the way to go… build for comfort not style haha
  • Some days you will fall in love with your partner all over again and other times you will want to rip them a new one.
  • Love at first sight – is NOT always the case it can days or weeks even to grow and bond together with your baby. The love is no less.
  • Your hair will malt like a Husky in the summertime, hairballs clogging the shower drain, leaving you wondering if it will grow back or there will be hell toupee.
  • Waking up WET… not in a good way either, whether it be night sweats, baby vomit or lying in a pool of your own breast milk.
  • Baby wipes – where have they been all our lives?! The all-purpose wet cloth for butts, quick all over body cleanse, sticky fingers, cleaning tables and dusting everything.
  • Your body may become a bit of a stranger to you, someone you don’t recognize in the mirror just quite yet, it might take time to learn to love it and that’s ok – at times you also look at it in complete awe of what it has done. 
  • You will think about poo ALOT – yes, your babies BUT the first one primarily being your own.
  • Sex – with hormones still raging, you either can’t wait to jump back at it or you are completely dead scared to let anything near your vagina.
  • The nipples – darkening and increasing in size, I heard it’s so the baby can see them… Well, mine are like big pieces of Hungarian salami so if she can’t see these somethings wrong!
  • There will be days when you feeling utterly alone and isolated by your newborn bubble, days morphing into one another, longing for a little freedom.
  • There are going to be days that test you and your mental health.
  • Baby outfits with buttons – cute at first but at 3 am, 17 buttons aren’t so cute anymore.
  • Sleep when the baby sleeps advice… well when the baby finally sleeps – you will probably scroll the whole internet, shower or do the washing.
  • You will say and do stupid stuff while tired. Bring on the coffee

Trust me mamas you are never alone.

There are 100’s of beautiful moments too (like the cute little grin on E’s face)

3 months postpartum and 3 months old! Yay!

What did you discover in the fourth trimester that no-one told you about?

Did you experience any of these? Or something completely different that surprised you?
Please add to the list!

Modibodi Review Period and Pee proof Underwear – All the details.

Modibodi Review Period and Pee proof Underwear – All the details.

wearing Modi Bodi - the sensual hi-waist bikini in the light to mo

Period Underwear. While I’d seen and heard about them, I never actually given them a go. I mainly worn tampons and didn’t like the feeling of a pad – plus they always irritated my skin. I was extremely skeptical, I had so many questions I wanted to know like, will they leak? Will I feel unclean? Would they smell? Would I feel wet or can they really be a total replacement for disposable feminine products?

So being curious about them I gave them a go.

I received these three pairs from ModiBodi. I got a moderate to heavy pair, a heavy to overnight pair and one pair of light to moderate for the end of my cycles and spotting. I decided I would wash them daily to try them out first, before buying any extra pairs.


Its a YES from me! I not only tested them out during the week of my period but I tried them out while exercising, skipping and bouncing on the trampoline with the kids. I promise you after having three kids, its not uncommon for me to experience bladder leaks and I have had my fair share especially when laughing really hard. So I’m happy to report Modibodi passed with flying colours.

What I also love is that there are more than one choice of underwear style in each different absorbency level.

I also wanted protection from pee leaks while exercising… so here I am giving them a go on the trampoline (really after kids this can be dangerous haha)

So how do they feel on?

Honestly, just like regular underwear, they are surprisingly slim, not bulky or thick. The overnight pairs have extra lining right to the back, but not bulky at all. It’s not like wearing a pad; you don’t feel wet or uncomfortable; it does feel just like regular underwear. The fabrics on all three pairs were soft and comfortable on the skin.

OVERNIGHT WEAR – the verdict

The first pair of Modibodi I ever wore was to bed; they were the Classic full Brief for Heavy-Overnight. Personally for me – I like that these are a larger brief, especially for sleeping in. The thin lining protects you to the back of the underwear. Now I’m a lover of white sheets and bedding, AND I move a lot during my sleep, so this would be a good test. They were secure and so comfortable to sleep in that I woke up and had forgotten I had my period at first; I felt dry, I was comfortable; I checked the bed – clean. No leaks! I was impressed, a total game-changer for overnight.

DOWN TO THE NITTY GRITTY – The questions I wanted answered.

Did they smell have an odor? NO

Do they Stain? No they are stain resistant

Do you feel wet? NO

Could they totally replace pads and tampons altogether?

Yes, they absolutely could. Modibodi could either totally replace them altogether or be used in conjunction with them for extra protection.

How did they go after coughing or sneezing during your period?

This is a question I received on Instagram and from a few friends.

They held up just fine. They absorbed the extra liquid after the cough/squeeze and went back to feeling dry.

Would you feel confident wearing White while wearing them?

Well to be honest I’d be worried wearing white during my period even with a tampon, pad and underwear all on at the same time! haha! This underwear would be perfect to accompany a pad or tampon for even more protection from leaks. But in saying that I did wear just my Moderate-heavy seam free pair with my new pink pants and all was fine! Each to their own in this case I think!

But HOW exactly do they work?

I’ll leave this one up to the experts. See exactly how the technology all works HERE

How many pairs would I need?

This will depend on your individual flow, how often you change and intend to wash.

I wore a pair for over-night, changed into a new pair for during the day, lets just say 9-5 and then back into another pair for the night ahead. So basically 2 pairs – one for night and one for day wear. 3 pairs on a particular heavy day or if I went to the gym. I now have a total of 7 pairs of Modibodi which I find works for my flow, plus it allows for washing in-between.

I have three heavy-over-night pairs, three moderate-heavy pairs and 1 light to moderate pair. Most of mine are seam free styles so I don’t get any lines but I love the sensual hi-waist bikini style with the lace detail. It’s great for the confidence to wear a style that makes you feel good, and that also doubles as protection, especially during your period.

Washing and Changing. Easy to wash just rinse under cold water till water runs clear and then pop in the washing machine. If you need to change during the day while out, (I personally didn’t but just in case) put them in a wet bag.

What absorbency should I get?

Below I have popped the information for the each of the absorbency levels you can get. I found this really useful to help me decide what would be the best for me.


  • 10ml = 2 tampons or 2 teaspoons
  • For: Using alone on light-medium period days, as back up on heavy period days, for sneaky leaks and heavy discharge


  • 15ml = 2-3 tampons or 3 teaspoons
  • For: Using alone on heavy period days, overnight for protecting your white sheets or sneaky wee leaks and heavy discharge


  • 20ml = 3-4 tampons or 4 teaspoons
  • For: Using alone on heavy period days, overnight for protecting your white sheets, or for those ‘I almost weed my pants’ leaks

My reasons to initially try Modibodi also came from the fact that I am a mother of three daughters, my eldest being 12 this year. I wanted to find a product, that would allow her to feel secure, save her from any leaks and be super easy to use especially when dealing with first periods and navigating through a new phase of growing up. I honestly wish I had these growing up and have bought Indi few pairs from the super cute teen range RED to pop in her toiletry bag for school or outings away from home.

Through trialing these period and pee proof underwear I have found that, Modibodi has been a total game changer for me. Periods, incontinence, sweating are all normal parts of life, I am so happy to have found a reusable and sustainable product that feels comfortable to sleep, work in and exercise in while giving me peace of mind.

I nervously do a full try, showing the fits of all my Modibodi underwear – these are saved in my Highlights on Instagram

To find more check out MODIBODI online HERE

Wearing the Sensual Hi-Waist Bikini

Full Disclosure. I decided to write about my experience with Modibodi for myself just to share my experience. They gifted my first three pairs to try out. I can not talk about something I don’t believe in and asked if they required anything in return, as I need time to try things properly. This is where they got me, they said nothing but if you like them – we would love you to share your experience. No guidelines or time frames, to me, this spoke volumes about the brand itself, and so I accepted. Since then I have bought four extra pairs to complete my collection, the sports shorts and some underwear from the teen range for my daughter. I have since been given a discount code for my readers which can be found HERE

Having my Placenta Encapsulated

Having my Placenta Encapsulated

On having my Placenta Encapsulated…
This is the first time I’ve had my placenta encapsulated and I have been asked a lot of questions about it, so I thought I would share my experience.

When I had Indianna – our first child, I was young, nervous and really uneducated on all things birth and recovery… I had never heard of so many things birth related let alone eating your placenta! But third time around, 11 years on and (a little) wiser, I wanted to be more educated and have a more positive experience both for the birth of my child and during my postpartum days to follow.

The first 3 months after baby have been referred to as the 4th Trimester and I can totally understand why… it’s the time after birth that you and your body are working hard – Firstly adjusting to a new way of life with a newborn, all while your body is recovering, regulating hormones, working on producing milk and with little sleep so you can get on with caring and nourishing your newborn straight away.

I had really low iron the whole pregnancy and Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG), which was mentally and physically draining, so it was my aim to feel as good as I possibly could after having my baby. Craig and I did our research and saw the benefits of encapsulation.

We found local Perth company @pureplacentas and they have been absolutely amazing! They pick up your placenta after birth from hospital or home and safely transport it in temperature monitored esky. I had my pills personally delivered to me in hospital the next afternoon.

Mel and the team are personal, informative and stay in touch during the weeks to follow the birth to provide any information about your pills and well being.

The benefits for me personally have definitely been noticed. My milk came in faster and in huge supply, I haven’t had mood swings – in fact I have felt remarkably calm and my energy levels – considering I’ve got a large family and running on little sleep have been noticeably better then before.

Iron stores drop naturally after birth and I was already struggling with low iron due to pregnancy and being coeliac but the placenta is rich in easily absorbed natural iron. I’ve since had my iron levels tested and the results are better then they have been in a long time and I’ve felt so much better. After the birth of my first two daughters, I lost a lot of hair but this time it’s stayed thick, fluffy and shiny! BONUS!

Personally written card with information about my Placenta health and special features.

This is my personal experience with Placenta encapsulation, I would definitely do it again in the future (if I had another baby) I don’t take any other vitamins and I didn’t have to mention who did my encapsulation but I was so impressed by my experience and this family run business that I chose to share it ❤️

Rose x

For more information check out Pure Placentas and Midwife Mel here

Perth Now also wrote an article on encapsulation HERE


Octavia – Postpartum days, The first week

Nearly a week old and it’s gone so fast, like complete blur…

The memories of how to be a mum to a newborn again are finally coming back to me but learning so many new things as she’s her own person and my body is definitely feeling and reacting much differently compared to nearly 9 years ago when I had Scarlett!!
🍈🍈 The melons are nearly my biggest hurdle as usual they have expanded to epic proportions for me and have in turn ruled out most pretty maternity bras hahaha (I love how they are modelled mostly on smaller busts 😂)

Any great maternity bra recommendations please hit me up!! Sleep – “what dat?” Indi told me she thinks little O is nocturnal, as she is not much of a sleeper but I hoping and praying that will change in the coming weeks.

My head feels a whirlwind of emotions and I honestly haven’t had a chance to really process the world around me just yet, I’m simply in a newborn love bubble. My body is puffy and sore but at this point its actually the last thing on my mind. Its all about her, that newborn smell is like a drug and I’m taking it all in. 

I’m a bridesmaid tomorrow with my other girls as flower girls, my gorgeous friend has carefully catered for our family to be there, she is the most relaxed bride you could ever meet. So totally relaxed that even when I tried my dress on and my huge boobs were out and proud for all to see, she was like “No probs! I’ll get you a wrap or a new dress!” Bek you are the best bride ever!

Wish me luck, I know we will make it happen but I probably need to get totally prepped today just to be sure!

Also thanks to all the beautiful messages and laughs you have sent through on socials, it’s honestly so awesome and means a lot during this emotion filled week 😘
It will be baby spam over here for a while so Love me or leave me 😝❤️

Rose x


Top Photo – Rose Oates 

Below images –

Gorgeous moses basket fitted sheet – Tilly and Otto

I’m Here – Zilvi