Rose Reviews-The REDSBABY JIVE 3 PLATINUM PRAM, as Single and Double Pram.

Rose Reviews-The REDSBABY JIVE 3 PLATINUM PRAM, as Single and Double Pram.

After the news of our surprise fourth pregnancy, we were going to need a pram upgrade – one that could accommodate a newborn and an 18-month-old toddler.

Choosing a pram is not only important but also a pretty personal decision – I didn’t know where to start at first, but it all comes down to your needs for both you and your family. If you think about exactly how you want to use it and what you will need it most for helps with making the decision.

For me what was important was:

  1. First and foremost is had to convert from single to double for both my newborn and toddler.
  2. It needed to be lightweight and easy to fold.
  3. To look good – hey I had to be honest here, I really wanted a sexy, stylish looking pram and why not?!
  4. As a double I wanted something easy to maneuver and not too wide after all I have 4 girls in total and more often than not they hang by each side of the pram.

After testing out quite a few double prams in stores, we tried out the Redsbaby from a friend who had one – we went with The Redsbaby Jive 3 Platinum in the Glacier Grey which is available as a single with the option to buy the second seat conversion kit to convert your pram into a double.

What’s included?

The single pram comes with the bassinet, regular seat which is suitable for up to 20kgs, pram organiser, reversible seat liner, rain cover and the UPF50+ Sun & Sleep Shades.

The Second seat – Comes as an additional accessory kit that you buy if and when you need it. It comes with a second seat that accommodates up to 17kgs and the R+L upper adaptors and R+L lower adaptors.

Is it compatible with a Car Capsule? Yes.

I wanted to use a car capsule this time around to make things easier to pop Esme into the pram especially as active little Octavia was 18mths, so I like that the JIVE3 was compatible with Britax, Maxi-Cosi, Joie and Nuna capsules you just need the Redsbaby Capsule Adaptors, which I was able to hire from Amanda at Hire for Baby Joondalup (there are branches all over the country) with the capsule – I went with a Maxi-Cosi Capsule.

What it’s like to use and maneover…

It’s beautifully light-weight for a double pram and maneuverability is really good, I do long walks almost daily – its a super smooth ride (in the single-mode it’s a dream ride). It is easy to push and get around, even doing well on grass. The Jive 3 is pretty slim and compact in comparison to other doubles we road-tested and the weight seems well distributed with the two kids on board. Being a slimmer double means it has been so much easier to fit and move around especially in aisles at the shops, in busy areas or in a coffee shop.

  • The handle is adjustable, I’m 175cm / 5’9 so I found it adequate.
  • Harness easy to adjust and foot rest adjustable and decent length.
  • Its got a one-handed recline to get from upright to flat which is great.
  • The top seat can be parent facing too which I like. Its got a lot of different configurations for the seat but I feel that you will find a couple that you like and stick to them – so it’s handy but not something I’d fuss over.
  • Heaps of ventilation – can open up panels in canopy which is especially great for hot Aussie summers.
  • Puncture-proof wheels – like who would have time for a flat with two kids on board?!
Redsbaby Jive3 Platinum in double mode with Bassinet.

Folding the pram in single and double.

The Redsbaby Jive 3 does fold up in single mode with the seat in place, which I love and it’s super easy. It clicks into place and is lightweight to pick up- pram as a single is only 8.5kgs.

When it’s in the double mode you do have to remove the top seat and adaptors before it can be folded down, so it does take a little longer. Once folded it’s pretty compact – which is what we needed to fit into our car and it still leaves us some boot space which other double prams wouldn’t allow.

I linked two folding videos below for the Jive 3 Platinum that I used from Redsbaby to check out for yourselves!

DOUBLE mode or SINGLE pram mode.


I cannot fault its overall quality, its so well made – our pram gets a right beating from the car to big long walks, baby spews, poos and food and so far so good, we have currently had it a year now, with regular use. It really is beautifully made and can be seen in all the details.

Thoughts and feelings overall…

So last but not least its a damn good looking pram, I get comments on it all the time. I know that’s not the MOST important thing but I really wanted a sexy pram this last time around! Superficial yes but the truth haha! BUT this pram is also practical, glides easily and the fact it looks good too – bonus.

I can’t fault much but when the pram is just in single mode the basket is large but when the second seat is in – it does take up most of the basket space at the bottom, so there isn’t heaps of room to carry heaps of extra stuff. It does come with the caddy, drink cup holder and a pocket on the back of the top seat so that help but its not loads of space. It doesn’t really bother me that much as I don’t tend to carry loads of stuff with me – it’s like the more kids I had the less I knew I really needed – but everyone is different.

The top seat fully reclines flat if need be but the bottom seat doesn’t, its on a slight recline but to be honest Octavia has still often napped comfortably in her seat on the bottom but I wanted to point that out.

So all in all, I love my Redsbaby pram. I love it as a single and it would make a great first pram – looks great, comes with so much included for the price and the fact that it can convert to a double, when you are ready to grow as your family does it a huge bonus!

Truth be told I was more fussy about a pram when I had my first child than with my fourth… I think I just became more relaxed in general knowing that you really don’t need unnecessary bells and whistles and that you rarely use everything like I once ‘thought’ I would.

If there is anything else I could include or questions I could answer let me know here or hit me up in my DMS on Instagram over at @roseoates_

Rose xo

Baby Esme 6 weeks. Images by Fox and Wildling Photography
Thanks to Fox and Wildling Photography for the beautiful Images
9 months in, 9 months out. Postpartum the journey so far.

9 months in, 9 months out. Postpartum the journey so far.

Newborn days and now 9 months old. The growth of us both inside and out. Photo @roseoates_

9 months of GROWTH for both of us.

Pregnancy felt long yet the 9 months of your growing earthside seemed to fly both equally fast and, in some parts, so very painfully slow.

When I birthed her into this world, I had no idea I also would be totally re-born.
It’s beautiful, powerful, confusing,
and painful.
All the different emotions manage to surge within you seemingly at the same time.

We nurture, care, and raise our children all while trying to understand and care for ourselves in the moments we have left.

I have struggled this postpartum, hit the lowest of lows, I look back at that photo on the left and remember the pain, but I also look at it with a fondness; I am soft, vulnerable, lost but also happy, proud and in awe of this beautiful human being that laid next to me who only a mere week before was inside of me.

9 months of Growth for us both.

9 months on and I haven’t bounced back… I never intended to,
my life and body are only going one way and that’s forward.

My body is still soft – but there is STRENGTH in that softness,
to grow a life my body had to make room, to stretch and grow – it is soft
because it needed to have the strength to support life itself.

9 months on I’m still vulnerable – But I no longer see it as weakness,
it is a sign of strength, courage, and bravery.

I have learnt to lean into it. Being vulnerable is raw
and truthful – there is no hiding in it, it has taught me to listen to myself, connect
and more than ever authentically live my truth.

9 months on and life has gotten clearer – the pain has gone, it’s still messy, confusing, exhausting and at times stinky.

9 months on and we have both grown and gotten stronger.

9 months on my darling baby girl has taught me so much in her short time, I’m sure she will continue to teach me for the rest of my life.

9 months on writing this I have tears streaming down my face
thinking about it all and of my darling daughter.

9 months ago as you were born…
Cover me in sunshine played softly
in the background.
And that you have – done every day of your life. I love you.

Esme Phoenix.
And just like the Phoenix, I have been re-birthed into the truest version of me.

Where ever you are postpartum or in motherhood – Be proud of your growth and know that you aren’t in this alone.

Love Rose x

The Fourth Trimester; things I discovered that nobody decided to tell me. The good, bad and funny.

The Fourth Trimester; things I discovered that nobody decided to tell me. The good, bad and funny.

Cranky Esmé and I in the first few weeks. Image @foxandwildling_photography

Tears, milk, poops and smiles have been had by both my baby Esmé and myself.

Although I’ll forever be amazed by what our bodies go through to create a life and the power of a person through the journey of motherhood, there are still some bat shit crazy times in the months following your baby birth. Some things that we have all read about and totally expect and then other things that you don’t hear about all so much!!

This is my fourth season postpartum and I’m still getting surprised, these are some of the things I’ve experienced following my babies, that nobody really told me would happen…

  • Nappies – your baby isn’t the only one that will be wearing them. No shame in it either, having worn pads before trust me these adult nappies are the way to go… build for comfort not style haha
  • Some days you will fall in love with your partner all over again and other times you will want to rip them a new one.
  • Love at first sight – is NOT always the case it can days or weeks even to grow and bond together with your baby. The love is no less.
  • Your hair will malt like a Husky in the summertime, hairballs clogging the shower drain, leaving you wondering if it will grow back or there will be hell toupee.
  • Waking up WET… not in a good way either, whether it be night sweats, baby vomit or lying in a pool of your own breast milk.
  • Baby wipes – where have they been all our lives?! The all-purpose wet cloth for butts, quick all over body cleanse, sticky fingers, cleaning tables and dusting everything.
  • Your body may become a bit of a stranger to you, someone you don’t recognize in the mirror just quite yet, it might take time to learn to love it and that’s ok – at times you also look at it in complete awe of what it has done. 
  • You will think about poo ALOT – yes, your babies BUT the first one primarily being your own.
  • Sex – with hormones still raging, you either can’t wait to jump back at it or you are completely dead scared to let anything near your vagina.
  • The nipples – darkening and increasing in size, I heard it’s so the baby can see them… Well, mine are like big pieces of Hungarian salami so if she can’t see these somethings wrong!
  • There will be days when you feeling utterly alone and isolated by your newborn bubble, days morphing into one another, longing for a little freedom.
  • There are going to be days that test you and your mental health.
  • Baby outfits with buttons – cute at first but at 3 am, 17 buttons aren’t so cute anymore.
  • Sleep when the baby sleeps advice… well when the baby finally sleeps – you will probably scroll the whole internet, shower or do the washing.
  • You will say and do stupid stuff while tired. Bring on the coffee

Trust me mamas you are never alone.

There are 100’s of beautiful moments too (like the cute little grin on E’s face)

3 months postpartum and 3 months old! Yay!

What did you discover in the fourth trimester that no-one told you about?

Did you experience any of these? Or something completely different that surprised you?
Please add to the list!

9 Months of growing you, a lifetime of loving you ahead.

9 Months of growing you, a lifetime of loving you ahead.

These were my final thoughts before going into hospital to be induced with my fourth and final baby girl Esme Phoenix.

Just off on date to meet one of the great loves of my life.
I go carrying nerves, my anxiety, excitement, but also with a sense of power within.
I feel a sense of wonder at the power of a women’s mind and body during these hours no matter the way we each choose to birth – we are truly creatures of survival, birthing the future.

Two people will be born today.
The mother and child.

I often feel I’m a young soul, still completely at awe with the beauty of life, the body and birth itself.

Still I walk away from my home completely into the unknown of who I’ll be when I return with this new life in my arms, I truly feel we go through a metamorphosis as we labour, as we become a mother, two people are born on the same day.
The mother and child.

Whether it is for the very first time or not – we transition and in turn our lives are forever changed.

Although I have done this before, the unknown still awaits not without any fear and for this I’m not ashamed, I’m only human and I know it’s ok to feel it but I also know I can do this, and to trust my body.
Yet I’m ridiculously excited and have visions dancing through my mind imagining what she will look like and who she might become.

I have no solid birth plan other than to have my baby at the end of this safely in my arms, I refuse to put pressure on myself like had in the past and give myself permission to make any choice I feel I need or want to during the process.
I know I will be safe with Craig by my side and
I’m thankful already that he gives me that peace.

I will breathe and focus on remembering during the surges that I will finally get to meet this little soul as she makes her way out of my body.

It is the last time that I will have two hearts beating inside me.

Months of growing you, a lifetime of loving you ahead.

See you on the other side✌🏽


9 Months of growing you, a lifetime of loving you ahead.

5 Ways to say NO so you can say YES to yourself.

5 Ways to say NO so you can say YES to yourself.

This week has been tough, literally no sleep for this Mama – I’m currently wishing my eye bags were designer ones haha.

So lack of sleep coupled with juggling the other kids, writing, scrubbing muddy softball uniforms and a list of engagements that I had taken on, it was safe to say I was not only run down physically but mentally as well.

Octavia playing in her fresh and clean room. Photo Rose Oates

I had kept saying YES to everything, I hate letting people down but in turn I was letting myself down and my family was ending up with a tired, grumpy mama and wife.

By saying NO to others when you need to, it’s like saying YES to yourself.

How often do we say yes to all the invites, to the extra shift at work, to baking the cupcakes for the school sale and putting pressure on ourself to do all the things?

It honestly can be so hard to say NO but if you don’t sometimes you aren’t allowing yourself to say YES to things you need for yourself.

Here are some ways to say no to others and start saying YES to yourself:
  1. Decline Invitations. Start by politely declining any invites to things that you cannot fit in or simply don’t want to go to.

2. Be honest – Don’t feel as if you need to make an excuse just to say No. If you are exhausted just say it how it is: people appreciate honesty over an excuse.

3. Schedule yourself in.
Pop yourself in the diary like for example I go to yoga on a Wednesday at 6:30pm, so if something comes up, I work around it NOT cancel it.

Treat it as an important appointment for yourself.

4. Let go of the GUILT. This can be hard but by saying yes to everything you ultimately will be sacrificing something – that might time with your own family or actually running yourself down mentally and physically.
So let go of the guilt. People that love and care about you won’t want you to feel guilty anyway.

5. Say YES to the things that matter. When you do say YES, do it for things that really matter to you, say yes when you know you can complete the tasks without draining yourself completely and do it with your heart.

Hope you say YES to the things you want more often by being less busy because you have said No when you need to.

So this past week I let go of the guilt and said NO cleaning, especially as we had just finished painting the week before and said YES to the offer from Fantastic Services to collaborate. So this meant getting the awesome team from Fantastic Services to come and do a full Spring clean, which after all the sanding and painting was something we really needed.

One of the lovely Fantastic Services staff in the playroom.

The team gave the house a full Spring clean while I chilled out, drank my coffee while it was still hot, got some work done AND Octavia slept the whole time!! She loves the sound of the vacuum!

If you want a break and a clean house you can use my code: justyouraveragerose for $20 credit towards your first clean or service with Fantasic services! You can check out their services HERE #jyarcollab