Putting together our Playroom – simple, affordable and practical.

Putting together our Playroom – simple, affordable and practical.

Our Playroom. Image Fox & Wildling Photography

It’s where the Wild Oates play…

Not all playroom rooms can be created equal with good reason! Every family is different, with children that learn individually and spaces that will differ from house to house. That doesn’t mean you cannot create a space that not only encourages play and imagination but works with your home, budget and compliment your style too.

When I created this space in my mind I wanted it to be simple, still fit in with the overall aesthetic of our home, be easy to keep tidy and did not cost an absolute fortune to put together.
It needed to grow with the kids AND as much as I love looking at play spaces with everything on display it wasn’t for me as they only stay tidy for minutes – I don’t want to see the mess, so it meant cupboards with doors for me haha.

I drew up a rough sketch of what I had in mind and went through the existing toys, games and craft supplies BEFORE buying anything first. I culled broken toys they didn’t ever play with.

  1. FIND YOUR THEME – Search the net, Pinterest, Instagram for inspiration and ideas of the look you want to achieve. Think about what your home looks like, the existing furniture and toys you want to keep and tie in. Consider whether you want the playroom to fit in with your home’s overall look or if you are happy to create a themed wonderland specifically designed around the kids.
  2. DECLUTTER – Go through the kids existing toys, games, craft, books and supplies BEFORE buying anything first. You don’t want to have to create space and storage for things they don’t use or like. I culled broken toys and donated toys they grew out of or never played with anymore. If they are old enough even get them involved in the process – they know what they love .
  3. MEASURE – Measure everything! Measure the room or the space you are working with, this is really important for especially if you need to buy any furniture or storage. Once I decluttered I knew what I had to work with and store , so knowing my room dimensions made it easier to find a unit or cabinet that would fit the wall and our needs. Dont forget to measure shelving / cupboard spaces before you run out and buy containers and storage items, the last thing you want is to come home only to find they dont fit or work in the space.
EKET Cabinet combination with feet, white, 280x35x72 cm

These are the EKET cabinets from @ikea_australia that I used.
There is 4 cabinets each with 2 doors and 1 shelf, 70x35x70 cm which I placed side by side and cost $115 each.

On a tighter budget? I have found some gems on Facebook Marketplace, gumtree and even the odd verge collection find – for little or free! I love a bargain! Might just need a lick of paint to give it new life!

I went with Ikea cabinets as they were more affordable to achieve a custom look/fit for the room plus kids are hard on stuff and especially while they are younger I didn’t want to spend a fortune on furniture – that will definitely cop a hit or a 1000!

Our walls were bad, couldn’t even handle blu tack without peeling so Craig and my brother Dario put up @easycraft.panels from Bunnings. I love the look they give and they also are harder wearing than the bare walls especially for a kids space – not to mention they can take hits and don’t chip.

Rug @missamaraloves similar pattern linked
Sweet little books @kmartaus
Rattan flowers @junimoon_store
Where the wild ones play @avaandharperco
Print @thenewdevine
Pram @my_darling_valentine
Pot @mowglistudio

Book stand – is a Lid holder from Kitchen Dept: Ikea

Basket Robert Gordon

Pot and hanger Bunnings Pot hanger

We didn’t do this all overnight, it started with the walls first and slowly I added pieces bit by bit. The walls were the most expensive part of this room but definitely worth it for us – as one day it won’t always be the ‘playroom’ and probably end up a teen retreat instead.

Rose xx

Book shelf – Flisat from @ikea_australia can be found HERE

Custom Height Ruler Measure My Tribe
Name Plaque Zilvi Custom Name Plaque, Rattan Dolls Bassinet Tiny Harlow Bassinet Image: Fox and Wildling Photography
Screen free activity for the Kids

Screen free activity for the Kids

Taking time out online and
getting the kids engaged in screen free, off-line play is so important, it’s easy to forget how much time they spend watching TV or playing on a device, especially when you are busy running around doing ALL THE THINGS. Activities that encourage screen free play don’t need to complicated or expensive, kids have amazing imaginations, so I’m making an effort to create fun activities for my kids in the most important playground in the world, our home!

We have the IKEA Pyssla beads and shape set and a very loved, worn Fabler Björn Teddy affectionately known in this household as `Boo Boo Ted’. Boo Boo Ted is well travelled and with his passport, has been with Scarlett on every holiday, spent countless hours being dressed up and celebrates his birthday in April each year.

With each item costing under $10 we have had hours of fun playing with these two simple toys.

With the Pyssla beads and shape set we decided to make Holiday decorations!

Holiday Decorations

1. Use the Pyssla Shape set the create a decoration using the colourful Pyssla beads.
2. Be sure to leave a gap/hole in the decoration for string to pass through to hang later.

3. When the kids (or your own 😉) design is ready, cover the beads with baking paper and iron over them with an iron set to medium warm/hot for a few seconds, so that the beads melt together.
4. Let the bead shape cool after ironing. Place it on a flat surface, so it does not bend.

5. Take your decoration and thread some string through the hole you left (don’t worry if you forgot a hole punch works too)
6. Lastly hang your decorations up!

These look cute on a tree or around the home!

Pyssla beads and shape set were kindly gifted from IKEA Australia.

For more play ideas, toys and inspiration check out the IKEA website HERE