Challenging the What Ifs? of my Body Image and confidence.

Challenging the What Ifs? of my Body Image and confidence.

Wearing a crop and Bike shorts out for the time time. A small action that felt empowering.

I don’t have the body to wear that.
I’m too fat to wear that.
I like it on other people, but I couldn’t wear it.
I don’t have the confidence to wear that.
What if I’m judged, what if? What if? All the what if’s!

Turns out the only person that ever judged me the most was me, my opinion of myself bared the most weight, and it was one of the things that I needed to work on the most.

So it might seem small, but this was the first time I had ever worn a crop and shorts outside the house without a top on, I had always wanted to but all the “What if’s” had always stopped me – I had this belief of what my body ‘should look like to wear something like this.

This time I challenged those beliefs.

I don’t have the body to wear that – I have a body. Clothes are for bodies. I can wear that, and seriously what body was I waiting for?
I’m too fat to wear that – Firstly we have fat, we are not ‘fat’, and secondly, at no point in my life have I ever felt ‘thin enough’ apparently to wear what I wanted SO if not now then when?

I don’t have the confidence to wear that – I hadn’t tried. Confidence is something we learn, we can grow and get better at.

What if people….
What others think about me is something I have no control over and really none of my business, and if they judge well, it says more about them.

Really the only thing holding me back was ME. What if I tried it? What if I just embraced myself for once?
And so, I felt nervous at first, but as I pushed the pram along, I forgot about the rolls, the idea of perfection & embraced the sun on my skin.

I looked at my daughters and thought about how I would want this for them. Freedom in their minds about their body.
How I would tell them in a heartbeat to wear the damn thing and rock it with pride, not to care what anyone thinks and be kind to themselves.
It’s not brave, it’s not extreme confidence, but it was hard. For me, it’s getting out of my comfort zone and feeling freedom from my mind’s body demons.

I’m sharing so that just maybe you too can silence the what if’s and start to challenge your beliefs about yourself and your body too.

❤️ Rose

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Are you working on your own self-image and body acceptance? How are you going? What have been YOUR biggest wins?

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Sexy is a Feeling, an attitude not a look or size. How to work on feeling sexy again.

Sexy is a Feeling, an attitude not a look or size. How to work on feeling sexy again.

Sexy is a feeling, an attitude. Not a size, a look, an angle & not only reserved for sexual experiences…

I had created a poll in my stories on Instagram with the question

‘What holds you back from feeling sexy?!’

The responses to this last week blew my mind.
So many of us don’t feel sexy – like WAY too many. Some people saying they have NEVER felt sexy.
It’s not getting spoken about, sexy isn’t reserved for a certain body type, it is not a size, it’s not reserved to a certain age, it most certainly does not hinge on someone else’s opinion of you.

The top responses I had when asked ‘What holds you back from feeling sexy?”
•My weight – My body
•Self Confidence/ Mindset
•Not fitting the ‘mould’ of what sexy is.
•Body changes after becoming a mother – My postpartum body
•Not feeling desired by a partner/ validation

These were the top 5 with my body & weight being the number 1 response by far. So many hated their bodies, described their weight, postpartum body or aging body as to why they don’t feel sexy.

This is sad but not shocking.
Sexiness isn’t reserved for a particular body type or person.
Society has enforced this idea that sexy is all about our physical appearance alone.
How can we change this? I’m clearly no expert but some positive changes to the way we think about ourselves is a damn good start.

Feeling sexy again can take time but you can start with some self-love.

  1. Weight & body changes can be tough on the mind but compliment yourself on what you love about yourself not just the physical but the things you love about WHO you are.
  2. Make it a habit – tell yourself at least one thing you love every day.
  3. Look after yourself. Like really look after yourself – so many of us get caught up in life, work or motherhood caring for others but have stopped caring for ourselves.
  4. Think about when you last felt sexy – what made you feel that way? Often, we are happy in these moments, confident or wearing something that makes us feel good.
  5. Clothing can be powerful in the way we view ourselves. Wear what makes you feel sexy! Whether that’s a power suit or lingerie – remember there is no right or wrong.
  6. Take some time out alone exploring your body naked – discover what makes you FEEL REALLY GOOD
  7. Stop comparing – Sexy looks different on every-BODY. There is no right or wrong way to be sexy.

Remember you are SEXY & worthy of feeling it!
Here’s to us feeling sexy again.


Love Rose xx

Feel free to join the conversation, have you struggled with these feelings or lost that feeling in yourself?