Putting together our Playroom – simple, affordable and practical.

Putting together our Playroom – simple, affordable and practical.

Our Playroom. Image Fox & Wildling Photography

It’s where the Wild Oates play…

Not all playroom rooms can be created equal with good reason! Every family is different, with children that learn individually and spaces that will differ from house to house. That doesn’t mean you cannot create a space that not only encourages play and imagination but works with your home, budget and compliment your style too.

When I created this space in my mind I wanted it to be simple, still fit in with the overall aesthetic of our home, be easy to keep tidy and did not cost an absolute fortune to put together.
It needed to grow with the kids AND as much as I love looking at play spaces with everything on display it wasn’t for me as they only stay tidy for minutes – I don’t want to see the mess, so it meant cupboards with doors for me haha.

I drew up a rough sketch of what I had in mind and went through the existing toys, games and craft supplies BEFORE buying anything first. I culled broken toys they didn’t ever play with.

  1. FIND YOUR THEME – Search the net, Pinterest, Instagram for inspiration and ideas of the look you want to achieve. Think about what your home looks like, the existing furniture and toys you want to keep and tie in. Consider whether you want the playroom to fit in with your home’s overall look or if you are happy to create a themed wonderland specifically designed around the kids.
  2. DECLUTTER – Go through the kids existing toys, games, craft, books and supplies BEFORE buying anything first. You don’t want to have to create space and storage for things they don’t use or like. I culled broken toys and donated toys they grew out of or never played with anymore. If they are old enough even get them involved in the process – they know what they love .
  3. MEASURE – Measure everything! Measure the room or the space you are working with, this is really important for especially if you need to buy any furniture or storage. Once I decluttered I knew what I had to work with and store , so knowing my room dimensions made it easier to find a unit or cabinet that would fit the wall and our needs. Dont forget to measure shelving / cupboard spaces before you run out and buy containers and storage items, the last thing you want is to come home only to find they dont fit or work in the space.
EKET Cabinet combination with feet, white, 280x35x72 cm

These are the EKET cabinets from @ikea_australia that I used.
There is 4 cabinets each with 2 doors and 1 shelf, 70x35x70 cm which I placed side by side and cost $115 each.

On a tighter budget? I have found some gems on Facebook Marketplace, gumtree and even the odd verge collection find – for little or free! I love a bargain! Might just need a lick of paint to give it new life!

I went with Ikea cabinets as they were more affordable to achieve a custom look/fit for the room plus kids are hard on stuff and especially while they are younger I didn’t want to spend a fortune on furniture – that will definitely cop a hit or a 1000!

Our walls were bad, couldn’t even handle blu tack without peeling so Craig and my brother Dario put up @easycraft.panels from Bunnings. I love the look they give and they also are harder wearing than the bare walls especially for a kids space – not to mention they can take hits and don’t chip.

Rug @missamaraloves similar pattern linked
Sweet little books @kmartaus
Rattan flowers @junimoon_store
Where the wild ones play @avaandharperco
Print @thenewdevine
Pram @my_darling_valentine
Pot @mowglistudio

Book stand – is a Lid holder from Kitchen Dept: Ikea

Basket Robert Gordon

Pot and hanger Bunnings Pot hanger

We didn’t do this all overnight, it started with the walls first and slowly I added pieces bit by bit. The walls were the most expensive part of this room but definitely worth it for us – as one day it won’t always be the ‘playroom’ and probably end up a teen retreat instead.

Rose xx

Book shelf – Flisat from @ikea_australia can be found HERE

Custom Height Ruler Measure My Tribe
Name Plaque Zilvi Custom Name Plaque, Rattan Dolls Bassinet Tiny Harlow Bassinet Image: Fox and Wildling Photography
Anxiety – Acknowledging my Anxiety and knowing you can overcome it.

Anxiety – Acknowledging my Anxiety and knowing you can overcome it.

Rose Oates – Image Lalu Photo

Suddenly I’m feeling alert, too alert, The tightening of the chest, the shortness in my breath, the trembling of the hands, my body feels at unease, all while my mind is racing fast with 1000 thoughts, the nasty little inner dialogue has crept in, BREATHE I remind myself, you are ok, you are safe – just take a second to just breathe.

For me anxiety is something that I have struggled with for a long time, not always understood and was once really embarrassed about.
I NEVER acknowledged it let alone talked about it, I did not want to be perceived as weak or incapable.

So in turn I pushed those feeling aside and pushed harder filling my days with things to do, tasks to accomplish simply so I could feel LESS – but it what it did was fuel my anxiety MORE until I could not ignore it no more – it wasn’t going to let me ignore it any longer, I experienced my first a full blown panic attack a few years ago, it was out of the blue, on a warm sunny day while I was happily singing in the car to my favourite song – I felt like I couldn’t breathe, my heart was pounding, I thought I was dying, having a heart attack.

From then on I knew it needed my attention. I owed it to myself to help myself, to own what it was, to learn to manage it and to take back my POWER.

With time and using various techniques I have learnt to manage it, speaking to someone to learn more about it has helped and I know now I can work through it, and so I no longer bottled it up. I’m not completely free of it but now I am much more aware of the triggers and the things or situations that can cause it to rear its ugly head.

The ocean calms my soul. Image @laluphoto_perth

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending, she turned into a butterfly.”

Today I acknowledge it, admitting how much it has been eating me up lately hiding behind my smile, trying to tell me I’m not enough, that I can’t do it all, that I’m not worthy.

I had a cry, it felt good to release it – I sat with the emotions and let them flow. It’s uncomfortable but worth it I promise.

It made me realize all the triggers id been ignoring, all the work I was doing, the underlying trauma still there that I don’t like dealing with and the direction I want to take next.

The speed of life can feel hectic at times, in this fast-paced world, social media constantly at our fingertips, life – its easy to get caught up – forgetting we are allowed to pause. Be still. Reevaluate. Take time to heal.

Anxiety is actually normal, it is hardwired into to us so it will never be something that will be completely gone forever, its useful and needed in life to save us from certain situations or dangers – but sometimes we hold on to it, not understanding exactly how to let the body and mind relax. Keeping that in mind we can learn to manage it, it is not something that we cannot learn to control.

Despite working on it – Some days are just plain tough and that’s okay, there are going to be days that you don’t have it completely under control but cut yourself some slack and don’t take it personally. Be gentle with yourself and try replace your negative thoughts with ones that are more positive.

Remember you are not alone in this – so many these days suffer from anxiety, seek support from others when you need it, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Reaching out shows strength and also demonstrates bravery for speaking out.

I don’t have the answers, it may be something I’ll always work on, but I do know this; we are not our anxiety. I’m not alone in it and neither are you.

Take one day at a time.

Rose @roseoates_

#youarenotalone #itsokaynottobeokay

Don’t ever hesitate to reach out for help if you need it, either to a professional, friends or family. There are many resources you can access online and over the phone too.

Beyond Blue

Black Dog Institute –Anxiety Help and Support

Australian Psychological Society – Find a Psychologist

Find a social worker

If you or someone you know is in crisis and needs help now, call triple zero (000).

You can also call  Lifeline  on 13 11 14 — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

4 of my favourite Perth family friendly Cafes.

4 of my favourite Perth family friendly Cafes.

Coffee. The universal fuel for parents everywhere. Every parent needs a good cup of coffee and some good food that someone else has prepared. We also want to be able to eat and drink in a relaxing environment where we feel the kids are not only catered for, but are welcome and not going to get bored in under 5 minutes…

So with little ones in tow – where to go?

Luckily Perth is full of places that welcome us and our tiny humans in with open arms. Here are just four of the many Perth family friendly cafes and restaurants to try!


This is one of my personal favourites; Sistas at Burns Beach. Set right in front of one of our beautiful beaches – here you will not only find a kid and dog-friendly venue but great coffee, freshly pressed juices, babycinos and delicious food with the very hearty portions. Let us not forget the friendly, accommodating staff who will have you feeling like one of the locals in no time.

Sistas Burn Beach is the perfect place to have a coffee and bite to eat with the family and afterwards there is the option of heading to the beach, take the kids for a play at the huge park and playground right across the road or even go for a ride or walk on the coast path all in one location.

Maybe you’re a Dog parent? Well rest assure your furry children will also feel quite at home here, water bowls available and they even have doggy treats on the menu that can be ordered for your special furry family members.

Octavia and I, in front of the mural at Sistas Burns Beach Photo – Insta hubby Craig

Inside they also have a selection of indoor plants and gorgeous children’s clothing available to purchase. This is a busy Perth family friendly cafe and it is easy to see why!

Find Sistas Burns Beach Cafe on INSTAGRAM or on FACEBOOK

Address: 35 OCEAN PDE, Iluka Western Australia 6028

Opening Hours: 7:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Get this for family Sistas have a baby Sista – Lil’ Sistas Yanchep in the outer northern suburbs

Located: 99 Lindsay Boulevard, Yanchep, Wanneroo


Esprezzo cafe is located inside the complex at Noranda shopping complex and has been embraced the local community. Focusing on fresh healthy food, organic fair-trade coffee and tea and friendly, personal customer service.

The coffee is incredible so be sure to have a cup to go along with the cutest babycinos for your mini. There is also a little play area for kids with chalkboard, books and some toys, plenty of high chairs and a toilets/parent room just adjacent to the cafe. Between 8 am – 2 pm they have a Kid Menu available, including Kids bacon and Eggs, toasties, Kid friendly pressed juices and milkshakes.

Photo Esprezzo

Esprezzo check the website HERE or take a look at some of the amazing food and coffee on INSTAGRAM

Opening Hours: 8:00am – 5:00pm (Mon-Sat)

Kitchen closes at 2 pm (Cabinet food still available after this time)

Address: Noranda Village S/C, Benara Rd Noranda


At Roar Bar and Grill, you can tell this restaurant was created by parents for parents! Here they are passionate about having a space that is for the whole family to enjoy a good meal, relax and ensure everybody is entertained!

Photo Roar Bar & Grill

Not only do they have a delicious menu for both the kids and the parents, but the standout and point of difference is the amazing playground and shaded bouncing pillow. There is plenty of seating to keep a close eye on your little ones while you get to finish enjoying your meal in full, without ANY complaints of the kids being “bored”, if anything they won’t want to leave. Perth family friendly cafes at its finest!

Photo Roar Bar and Grill

With a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere and friendly service Roar Bar and Grill is worth a visit.

High Chairs and all parent/children facilities are available.

Located: 23 Port Kembla Dr, Bibra Lake WA 6163

Weekdays : Monday to Wednesday 7am to 3.30pm
Thursday to Friday 7am to 9pm

Weekends: Saturday 7am to 9pm
Sunday 7am to 9pm

Find them them online HERE or on Instagram


Masonmill Gardens is just an all-round beautiful place to visit with kids and family. The restaurant opens for breakfast and lunch till 4 pm with simple yet delicious favourites on the menu and options for Kids sized breakfasts and lunch. Alternatively, head down for tea or coffee and choose a piece of cake from their large selection before checking out all the activities you can do while here!

Masonmill Gardens has a playground which has a cubby house, rope ramp, stepping logs and slide. The play area is fully fenced off and protected by a safety gate that leads to an undercover patio area.

Masonmill Gardens playground. Photo Masonmill Gardens

While there definitely check out the Koi pond, which is fed from a natural underwater spring. You can even get a bag of Fish food from gift shop or main restaurant for $2.50 and feed the Koi fish!

The Koi Pond. Photo Masonmill Gardens

But there is still more! On the grounds across from the coffee shop there is MINI GOLF and bouncy castle which is free for the kids only haha

Mini Golf opening hours:

Saturday        9:00 pm – Last round at 3:30 pm
Sunday           9:00 pm – Last round at 3:30 pm


Adults (16 years +) $18
Children $12
Family (2 Adults 2 Children) $45

Check out Masonmill Gardens online HERE

Location: 40 Masonmill Road, Carmel WA 6076

The fear of starting something New.

The fear of starting something New.

Remember when you were first learning to drive?
Out of our comfort zone, but still equally excited to learn, you have both hands on the wheel, nervous to pull out into traffic, possibly scaring yourself and your driving instructor to death, not to mention the zillion attempts to parallel park… (actually that’s still me now haha)

Well, that’s like starting anything new, whether it’s becoming a parent, a new business/job, maybe its learning to dance or even hitting the gym for the first time ever.

It’s scary at first, it feels like you just might not be able to do it and geez it feels a little embarrassing when you make a mistake.
When you are on the journey to making your dreams a reality – there are going to be times you feel completely out of your depth, question yourself and occasionally take two steps forward and one step back.

But every day you are learning, practising and getting better.
With hard work, persistence, a little help and guidance along the way – your confidence will grow, your skills will improve and soon just like driving it won’t feel hard anymore, it will be second nature.

So NEVER give up.
Believe in yourself.
You can and will learn, and continue to improve- just keep on hustling!

You will get there – just like driving, fast forward to now, you’re cruising out of the driveway without a worry in the world, coffee to your side, music on, kids in the back and it just feels like second nature now, all except the parallel parking of course… but hey we do always have to keep learning along the way too.

Rose xo

Stylish, functional activewear for pregnancy, nursing and beyond – Mummactiv Review

Stylish, functional activewear for pregnancy, nursing and beyond – Mummactiv Review

Feeding Tato, mid training session in the Actually I Can Breastfeeding Jumper. Image Rose Oates

I have always stayed active. Exercise and playing sport has been a huge part of my life. During my pregnancy with my youngest daughter, I was able to continue exercising until I was 39 weeks. I had struggled during this time to find both modern and comfortable activewear, I had tried to buy some tights that were larger to accommodate but they would slip down or cut into the wrong places – they simply weren’t made to fit or move with a growing bump.

After having Octavia, when I was given the all-clear, I returned to weight training and boxing, I’m still breastfeeding and It meant I would have to wear a normal high impact crop to train in, as normal nursing bras simply were not supportive enough. This made it particularly difficult to feed Octavia easily before or after training.

This is where award-winning Perth owned business MummActiv comes in, providing both stylish and comfortable activewear that will see you through pregnancy, nursing, postpartum, and beyond.

My personal go-to is the Sweetheart Nursing crop, it is a stylish sleek black sports bra with functional nursing clips to make it easy to breastfeed whenever you need to. This style is great for high impact sports and is perfect for me as I love functional fitness, boxing and running. It is extremely supportive and feels smooth on and is comfortable to wear.

As both a trainer and former sports professional, I have worn SO many styles of sports bras and crops, and this crop is hands down one of the very best! It stays in place during some of the most intense movements and I will be wearing this long after my nursing days are over. 

Some of the features include:

  • Removable padding or the ability to be able to place a nursing pad inside the crop if needed
  • Wireless design
  • Razorback
  • Moisture-wicking and Anti-bacterial fabric
  • Easy to use nursing clips
  • Stylish black design – which doesn’t even look like a nursing bra
Pictured is the PUMP IT BREASTFEEDING SPORT BRA. Train, pump or feed.
Image- Fox and Wilding Photography

Next up is the ‘Actually I Can’ & ‘This too shall Pass’ breastfeeding jumper. Where do I even start with these? I cannot honestly rave about them enough, plus they do have pretty important reminders for any mamas on the front!

This jumper has two very discrete zippers to allow easy breastfeeding without having to take your jumper off or pull it all the way up. Ingenious! This is incredible especially during the colder months and it’s so convenient to be able to quickly feed.

The jumper is a super soft fabric and lovely and warm without being too thick, which allows for layering. This is important during pregnancy as it’s so easy to go from cold to hot in no time!

I found the length of the jumper was great and this along with the stretch is perfect to accomodate a growing bump.

Our body goes through so many changes during pregnancy and postpartum, this is a classic and versatile jumper I would personally say is a must-have when building a collection of clothing for your journey through motherhood. Great to throw on to head to the gym but easily able to be worn casually with a pair of jeans.

I’m wearing the 7/8 leggings in the above picture- where I am 4 months postpartum, they are have a super high waistband to lift and hug your bump, but I have it folded down for added support postpartum and returning to exercise. And they are SQUAT PROOF… I mean seriously noone wants to bend over and have their pants go see through.

The local Perth brand MummActiv has a passion to inspire mums to be active and has created a collection that is stylish, functional, and made to last. They have range of pieces from crops to even swimwear – you can check out the full collection HERE

Or check them out on Instagram

If you love any other pregnancy/ feeding friendly brands please pop a comment down below to let us all know!

Rose xx